Standard Number of  
Certificates in 2016  
ISO 9001 1,106,356 
ISO 14001 346,189 
ISO 50001 202,216 
ISO 27001 33,290 
ISO 22000 32,139 
IATF 16949 67,358 
ISO 13485 29,585 
ISO 22301 3,853 
There is no registar that includes all certified companies. You can search for particular certificates on many Registrar's websites, but not all have this option.

ISO may be considering this but we didn't want to wait.  With a large organization, the process may take years.  Lean, nimble internet developers can build a site that allows you to search a large database and find a company's certificate.

This is what Certificate.Directory is here for.

ISO 9001 Certificate Verification Database

How to use the search criteria?

Company Name / Keyword

This is a catch-all field.  Enter the complete or partial word(s).  You can enter a company name, product/service name, or keyword.

All Categories

Drop down selector for the IAF Code, US SIC Code, or NACE Code.

All Types

Drop down selector for (Manufacturer, Consultant, Service Provider, Registrar)

Location or zip code

Enter the zip code where you are to find a company within XX miles of your location. 

Certificate ID

If you know the full or partial Certificate ID, use this field.


Every standard certificate issued to a company is for a specific area (i.e. scope).  This is usually found on the company's actual printed certificate.


This is the 3rd party auditor that is accredited to provide certificates - a Certification Body (CB).


This field is used to find a company with a specific certification

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